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So here I am back again writing after a six or seven year sabbatical; where I the vague notion I would make an amazing musician. The music was awful. I mean just the worst. So here I am again with my old love: writing. The mistress I can actually makes happy. The music and I were just incompatible on so many levels. Men and their creative egos, eh?

With so many half finished projects from my last fling, new works will come thick and fast. If your definition of 'thick and fast' is one every three to six months. I'm also trying to try a new tack by actually getting some of my other creative friends to pick up the slack and actually write with me, which is at least one thing I learnt from the music making fiasco. Collaboration is fun.

With fun in mind, my next two books, which are almost finished, will both be funny. They're pencilled in for release at Xmas time.

Self Help; a comedy collection of one liner jokes in the form of a quick flick book. They used to call them toilet books but I guess they’re mobile phone books now. Think Little Book of Calm, but pitch black British humour. A funny take on the inspirational quote genre.


On the Brink; a daft comic novel about a retired couple in Ireland and their disappearing shed, which sets in motion a farcical, spiraling, domestic drama.

As well as those two books, I'll be reissuing my original books, as I have the rights returned from my Finnish publisher.

And as some sort of future menu, you'll find below, all the other projects I have bubbling away on my stove.

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